Algorithms and Computation

Volume 4288 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 557-566

Approximation Scheme for Lowest Outdegree Orientation and Graph Density Measures

  • Łukasz KowalikAffiliated withInstitute of Informatics, Warsaw UniversityMax-Planck-Institute für Informatik

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We deal with the problem of finding such an orientation of a given graph that the largest number of edges leaving a vertex (called the outdegree of the orientation) is small.

For any ε∈(0,1) we show an \(\tilde{O}(|E(G)|/\varepsilon)\) time algorithm which finds an orientation of an input graph G with outdegree at most ⌈(1+ε)d *⌉, where d * is the maximum density of a subgraph of G. It is known that the optimal value of orientation outdegree is ⌈d * ⌉.

Our algorithm has applications in constructing labeling schemes, introduced by Kannan et al. in [18] and in approximating such graph density measures as arboricity, pseudoarboricity and maximum density. Our results improve over the previous, 2-approximation algorithms by Aichholzer et al. [1] (for orientation / pseudoarboricity), by Arikati et al. [3] (for arboricity) and by Charikar [5] (for maximum density).