Advances in Computer Games

Volume 4250 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 1-10

Innovative Opening-Book Handling

  • Chrilly DonningerAffiliated
  • , Ulf LorenzAffiliated withHydraChess.comDepartment of Computer Science, Universität Paderborn

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The best chess programs have reached the level of top players in the human chess world. The so-called opening books, which are databases containing thousands of Grandmaster games, have been seen as a big advantage of programs over humans, because the computers do never forget a variation. Interestingly, it is this opening phase which causes most problems for the computers. Not because they do not understand openings in general, but because the opening books contain too much rubbish. We introduce a heuristic which explores the database during a game. Without that, the computer repeats failures of weaker players. Our contribution presents best practice.