Computer and Information Sciences – ISCIS 2006

Volume 4263 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 755-764

A Survey of Major Challenges and Future Directions for Next Generation Pervasive Computing

  • Yong-Bin KangAffiliated withInstitute for Graphics Interfaces
  • , Yusuf PisanAffiliated withUniversity of Technology

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Pervasive computing has emerged as a new computing par- adigm with a great deal with appeal in our everyday environment. However, the benefits offered by this new computing paradigm are relatively below our expected standard. This paper discusses the major challenges for the next generation pervasive computing and the difficulties in developing a promising system to meet these challenges. Then, we present a survey that covers relevant existing approaches addressed to overcome the challenges. Finally, we highlight future research directions and present a new intriguing exploration, aiming to broaden the appeal and bridge the gap for the fulfillment of the challenges.