Neural Information Processing

Volume 4233 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 50-59

A Modal Symbolic Classifier for Interval Data

  • Fabio C. D. SilvaAffiliated withCentro de Informatica – CIn / UFPE
  • , Francisco de A.T. de CarvalhoAffiliated withCentro de Informatica – CIn / UFPE
  • , Renata M. C. R. de SouzaAffiliated withCentro de Informatica – CIn / UFPE
  • , Joyce Q. SilvaAffiliated withCentro de Informatica – CIn / UFPE

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A modal symbolic classifier for interval data is presented. The proposed method needs a previous pre-processing step to transform interval symbolic data into modal symbolic data. The presented classifier has then as input a set of vectors of weights. In the learning step, each group is also described by a vector of weight distributions obtained through a generalization tool. The allocation step uses the squared Euclidean distance to compare two modal descriptions. To show the usefulness of this method, examples with synthetic symbolic data sets are considered.