Accessing Multilingual Information Repositories

Volume 4022 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 744-759

Overview of the CLEF-2005 Cross-Language Speech Retrieval Track

  • Ryen W. WhiteAffiliated withInstitute for Advanced Computer Studies
  • , Douglas W. OardAffiliated withInstitute for Advanced Computer StudiesCollege of Information Studies, University of Maryland
  • , Gareth J. F. JonesAffiliated withSchool of Computing, Dublin City University
  • , Dagobert SoergelAffiliated withCollege of Information Studies, University of Maryland
  • , Xiaoli HuangAffiliated withCollege of Information Studies, University of Maryland

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The task for the CLEF-2005 cross-language speech retrieval track was to identify topically coherent segments of English interviews in a known-boundary condition. Seven teams participated, performing both monolingual and cross-language searches of ASR transcripts, automatically generated metadata, and manually generated metadata. Results indicate that monolingual search technology is sufficiently accurate to be useful for some purposes (the best mean average precision was 0.13) and cross-language searching yielded results typical of those seen in other applications (with the best systems approximating monolingual mean average precision).