Distributed Computing

Volume 4167 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 540-542

Brief Announcement: Convergence Analysis of Scalable Gossip Protocols

  • Stacy PattersonAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of California
  • , Bassam BamiehAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University of California
  • , Amr El AbbadiAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of California

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We present a simple, deterministic gossip protocol for solving the distributed averaging problem. Each node has an initial value and the objective is for all nodes to reach consensus on the average of these values using only communication between neighbors in the network. We first give an analysis of the protocol in structured networks, namely d-dimensional discrete tori and lattices, and show that in an n node network, the number of rounds required for the protocol to converge to within ε of the average is O(|log(ε)| n 2/ d). We then extend our results to derive upper and lower bounds on convergence for arbitrary graphs based on the dimensions of spanning supergraphs and subgraphs.