Geographic Information Science

Volume 4197 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 81-98

What Is the Region Occupied by a Set of Points?

  • Antony GaltonAffiliated withSchool of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics, University of Exeter
  • , Matt DuckhamAffiliated withDepartment of Geomatics, University of Melbourne

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There are many situations in GIScience where it would be useful to be able to assign a region to characterize the space occupied by a set of points. Such a region should represent the location or configuration of the points as an aggregate, abstracting away from the individual points themselves. In this paper, we call such a region a ‘footprint’ for the points. We investigate and compare a number of methods for producing such footprints, with respect to nine general criteria. The discussion identifies a number of potential choices and avenues for further research. Finally, we contrast the related research already conducted in this area, highlighting differences between these existing constructs and our ‘footprints’.