Algorithms – ESA 2006

Volume 4168 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 684-695

An Improved Construction for Counting Bloom Filters

  • Flavio BonomiAffiliated withCisco Systems Inc.
  • , Michael MitzenmacherAffiliated withHarvard University
  • , Rina PanigrahyAffiliated withStanford University
  • , Sushil SinghAffiliated withCisco Systems Inc.
  • , George VargheseAffiliated withCisco Systems Inc.

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A counting Bloom filter (CBF) generalizes a Bloom filter data structure so as to allow membership queries on a set that can be changing dynamically via insertions and deletions. As with a Bloom filter, a CBF obtains space savings by allowing false positives. We provide a simple hashing-based alternative based on d-left hashing called a d-left CBF (dlCBF). The dlCBF offers the same functionality as a CBF, but uses less space, generally saving a factor of two or more. We describe the construction of dlCBFs, provide an analysis, and demonstrate their effectiveness experimentally.