Validating the Microsoft Hypervisor

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Efforts to validate the Microsoft Hypervisor – a low-level program that partitions a real MP machine into a a number of virtual MP pachines – has led to some interesting formal methods developments. We’ll survey some of these, including

– new algorithms for “optimal” stateless search and symbolic stateless search;

– techniques to make stateless search practical for shared memory programs, including efficient shared memory instrumentation and optimal trace replay using breakpoints;

– new techniques for model-based test generation, including the use of symbolic execution to eliminate redundancy and methods to handle invisible internal nondeterminism;

– formal models of the x86/x64 TLB and cache systems;

– verification of algorithms for efficient MP TLB virtualization, which has uncovered subtle design bugs;

– formal analyses of memory sharing between mutually distrustful partitions, which has revealed some surprising cache attacks;

– techniques for eliminating inductive constructs in first-order verification;

– techniques for specifying and reasoning about C code.