Advances in Computer Graphics

Volume 4035 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 288-299

A Comparison of Three Techniques to Interact in Large Virtual Environments Using Haptic Devices with Limited Workspace

  • Lionel DominjonAffiliated withP & I Laboratory, ENSAM Angers
  • , Anatole LécuyerAffiliated withSIAMES Project, INRIA/IRISA
  • , Jean-Marie BurkhardtAffiliated withEIFFEL Project, University of Paris 5/INRIA
  • , Simon RichirAffiliated withP & I Laboratory, ENSAM Angers

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This paper describes an experiment that was conducted to evaluate three interaction techniques aiming at interacting with large virtual environments using haptic devices with limited workspace: the Scaling technique, the Clutching technique, and the Bubble technique. Participants were asked to paint a virtual model as fast and as precisely as possible inside a CAVE, using a “desktop” haptic device. The results showed that the Bubble technique enabled both the quickest and the most precise paintings. It was also the most appreciated technique.