Consistency Verification of the Reasoning in a Deliberative Agent with Respect to the Communication Protocols

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The paper presents a method that can detect inconsistencies in the reasoning carried out by a deliberative agent in a changing environment. The verified agent operates on a description of the world represented by means of an OWL Lite ontology, and utilizes production rules to take decisions related to its future behaviour. The considered kind of rules allows for representing non-monotonic reasoning and linear arithmetic constraints in the rule antecedents. The proposed method can specify the scenarios in which the agent would deduce an inconsistency. A scenario is defined to be a description of the initial agent’s state (in the agent life cycle), a deductive tree of rule firings, and a partially ordered set of messages and/or stimuli schemas that the agent must receive from other agents and/or the environment. Besides, the method will make sure that the scenarios will be valid w.r.t. the communication protocols in which the agent is involved.