Using TimedTTCN-3 in Interoperability Testing for Real-Time Communication Systems

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Interoperability testing is an important technique to ensure the quality of implementations of network communication software, and real-time protocol interoperability testing is an important issue in this area. TimedTTCN-3 is a real-time extension of test specification language TTCN-3. In this paper, test notations for real-time interoperability testing are studied. Test behavior trees are constructed from specifications of system under test and then transformed to TimedTTCN-3 test cases. We also investigate real-time TTCN and analyze the insufficiency of its capabilities in specifying time constraints. Possible extensions for real-time TTCN are given to specify real-time interoperability test cases. From the comparisons between the two real-time test notations, it can be concluded that TimedTTCN-3 is more powerful and flexible than real-time TTCN and can be suitable for real-time interoperability testing.