Advances in Machine Learning and Cybernetics

Volume 3930 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 898-907

Location of Tropical Cyclone Center with Intelligent Image Processing Technique

  • Q. P. ZhangAffiliated withEnergy Systems Group, City University
  • , L. L. LaiAffiliated withEnergy Systems Group, City University
  • , W. C. SunAffiliated withDept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Fudan University

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Digital imaging techniques have been applied to locate tropical cyclone centers. In order to improve the precision of location, a novel intelligent automatic system framework will be proposed, to locate the tropical cyclone center intelligently and automatically, based on satellite photographs. After pre-processing, several center location technologies will be considered, based on combining movement of whirl and translation. According to the tropical cyclone’s symmetry shape and its spiral movement feature, logarithmic helix is used to fit the edge or skeleton of the cyclone feature cloud, which can be used to estimate the center of the cyclone. According to its movement feature, a rotation matching methodology will be proposed to catch the track through imaging sequence. As an example, the computing methodology produced was applied in cyclone forecasting by the Shanghai Meteorology Center. The proposed solution was confirmed to have a potential for successful application to tropical cyclone center tracking.