Progress in Artificial Intelligence

Volume 3808 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 524-535

Semantics and Pragmatics for Agent Communication

  • Rodrigo AgerriAffiliated withDept. of Computing, City University
  • , Eduardo AlonsoAffiliated withDept. of Computing, City University

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For the successful management of interactions in open multi-agent systems, a social framework is needed to complement a standard semantics and interaction protocols for agent communication. In this paper a rights-based framework in which interaction protocols and conversation policies acquire their meaning is presented. Rights improve interaction and facilitate social action in multi-agent domains. Rights allow agents enough freedom, and at the same time constrain them (prohibiting specific actions). A general framework for agent communication languages (ACLs) is proposed, defining a set of performatives (semantics) and showing why a set of conversation policies to guide agent’s interactions (pragmatics) is needed. Finally, we show how it is possible to model interaction protocols within a rights-based normative open MAS.