Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

Volume 3814 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 288-292

Bringing Hollywood to the Driving School: Dynamic Scenario Generation in Simulations and Games

  • I. H. C. WassinkAffiliated withUniversity of Twente
  • , E. M. A. G. van DijkAffiliated withUniversity of Twente
  • , J. ZwiersAffiliated withUniversity of Twente
  • , A. NijholtAffiliated withUniversity of Twente
  • , J. KuipersAffiliated withGreen Dino Virtual Realities
  • , A. O. BrugmanAffiliated withGreen Dino Virtual Realities

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In this paper we discuss a framework for simulation software called the movie metaphor. It is applied to the Dutch Driving Simulator for dynamic control of traffic scenarios. This framework resolves software complexity by the use of agent protocols inspired by the way of working on a movie set. It defines clear responsibilities for the agents so that the system is extensible, maintainable and easy to understand. The framework is a software pattern for multiagent systems especially suitable for simulation software and games.