CGSV: An Adaptable Stream-Integrated Grid Monitoring System


Grid monitoring is essential for the grid management and efficiency improvement. ChinaGrid Super Vision (CGSV) is proposed for ChinaGrid to collect status information of each entity (such as resources, services, users, jobs, Network), and provide corresponding information data query and mining services. In this paper, CGSV architecture and its components are discussed. CGSV is featured by data stream integration and adaptability to cope with dynamic measurement data and multiform query requirements. Measurement data can be accessed quickly and easily through WSRF-compliant services in CGSV. Transfer and control protocols are brought forward to facilitate data stream querying and runtime producer configuration in CGSV.

This work is supported by ChinaGrid project of Ministry of Education of China, Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant 60373004, 60373005, 90412006, 90412011, and Nation Key Basic Research Project of China under Grant 2004CB318000.