Early Experience of Remote and Hot Service Deployment with Trustworthiness in CROWN Grid

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CROWN Grid aims to empower in-depth integration of resources and cooperation of researchers nationwide and worldwide. In such a distributed environment, to facilitate adoption of services, remote and hot service deployment is highly desirable. Furthermore, when the deployer and the target container are from different domains, great security challenges arise when a service is deployed to the remote container. In this paper, we present ROST, an original scheme of Remote & hOt Service deployment with Trustworthiness. By dynamically updating runtime environment configurations, ROST avoids restarting the runtime system during deployment. Moreover, we adopt trust negotiation in ROST to assure the security of service deployment. We conduct experiments in a real grid environment, and evaluate ROST comprehensively.

This work is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant 91412011, China Ministry of Education under grant CG2003-CG004 & GP004 & GA004 and Microsoft Research Aisa.