Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction

Volume 3784 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 550-557

Annotating Multimodal Behaviors Occurring During Non Basic Emotions

  • Jean-Claude MartinAffiliated withLIMSI-CNRS
  • , Sarris AbrilianAffiliated withLIMSI-CNRS
  • , Laurence DevillersAffiliated withLIMSI-CNRS

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The design of affective interfaces such as credible expressive characters in story-telling applications requires the understanding and the modeling of relations between realistic emotions and behaviors in different modalities such as facial expressions, speech, hand gestures and body movements. Yet, research on emotional multimodal behaviors has focused on individual modalities during acted basic emotions. In this paper we describe the coding scheme that we have designed for annotating multimodal behaviors observed during mixed and non acted emotions. We explain how we used it for the annotation of videos from a corpus of emotionally rich TV interviews. We illustrate how the annotations can be used to compute expressive profiles of videos and relations between non basic emotions and multimodal behaviors.