Automatic Landmarking of 2D Medical Shapes Using the Growing Neural Gas Network

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MR Imaging techniques provide a non-invasive and accurate method for determining the ultra-structural features of human anatomy. In this study, we utilise a novel approach to segment out the ventricular system in a series of high resolution T1-weighted MR images. Our approach is based on an automated landmark extraction algorithm which automatically selects points along the contour of the ventricles from a series of 2D MRI brain images. Automated landmark extraction is accomplished through the use of the self-organising network the growing neural gas (GNG) which is able to topographically map the low dimension of the network to the high dimension of the manifold of the contour without requiring a priori knowledge of the structure of the input space. The GNG method is compared to other self-organising networks such as Kohonen and Neural Gas (NG) maps and an error metric is applied to quantify the performance of our algorithm compared to the other two.