A Precise Approach for the Analysis of the UML Models Consistency

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The UML notation is a well-know standard notation to describe OO systems. But the UML specification has certain imprecisions and ambiguities that, along with possible errors made by the modellers, may cause inconsistency problems in the models of the system. This paper presents a rigorous approach to improve the consistency analysis between UML diagrams.

This proposal is based on a previous formalization of the UML metamodel diagrams, [1,4] in Maude. The framework given by the specifications created helps to guarantee the consistency of models because all the specifications are integrated within the same formalism. This work focuses on the analysis of the inter-diagram consistency. Several examples of properties are shown that help to guarantee the consistency between UML Communication and Class Diagrams.

Financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, project DYNAMICA/PRESSURE TIC 2003-07804-C05-05.