Developing Dynamic and Adaptable Applications with CAM/DAOP: A Virtual Office Application

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CAM/DAOP is a component and aspect based model and platform implemented using Java/RMI and reflective techniques. Using CAM/DAOP we have developed several collaborative applications, where the most relevant one is a Virtual Office application, which allows dispersed users to collaborate as if they were co-located. Attendees of the demonstration will see how to develop dynamic and adaptable applications with CAM/DAOP, from the design through to the implementation phases. We will place emphasis on showing how to adapt the behavior of CAM/DAOP applications at runtime, simply by modifying the architectural information provided during the application development.

This work is supported in part by Spanish MCYT Project TIC2002-04309-C02-02 and in part by European Commission grant IST-2-004349 ( European NoE on AOSD)