Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Volume 3713 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 39-53

Realizing Model Driven Security for Inter-organizational Workflows with WS-CDL and UML 2.0

Bringing Web Services, Security and UML Together
  • Michael HafnerAffiliated withInstitut für Informatik, Universität Innsbruck
  • , Ruth BreuAffiliated withInstitut für Informatik, Universität Innsbruck

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The growing popularity of standards related to Web services, Web services security and workflows boosted the implementation of powerful infrastructures supporting interoperability for inter-organizational workflows. Nevertheless, the realization of such workflows is a very complex task, in many aspects still bound to low-level technical knowledge and error-prone. We provide a framework for the realization and the management of security-critical workflows based on the paradigm of Model Driven Security. The framework complies with a hierarchical stack of Web services specifications and related technologies. In this paper, we introduce a UML based approach for the modeling of security-critical inter-organizational workflows and map it to the Web Services Choreography Description Language. Our approach is based on a set of security patterns, which are integrated into UML class and activity diagrams. A tool translates the models into executable artifacts configuring a reference architecture based on Web services.