The Air Pollution Constraints Considered Best Generation Mix Using Fuzzy Linear Programming

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A new approach considering SOx, NOX and CO2 air pollution constraints in the long-term generation mix with multi-criteria is proposed under uncertain circumstances. Specially, CO2 emission of electricity system industry has over thirty percent of total emission quantity in the world. The CO2 emission in coal power plant competitive with nuclear power plant is very severe. The air pollution in coal is requiring LNG or new environmental type generation system (wind power, solar power tidal power et al.) instead of coal power plant, despite the new generation systems ask for very high construction cost. A characteristic feature of the presented approach is what effects is the air pollution constraints in long term best generation mix. The fuzzy linear programming is used for analyzing ambiguity in this study. A characteristic feature of the presented approach is that not only fuzziness in fuel and construction cost, load growth, reliability and air pollutionbut also many constraints of generation mixcan easily be taken into account by using fuzzy linear programming. The proposed method accommodates the operation of pumped-storage generator. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated by applying to the best generation mix problem of KEPCO-system, which contains nuclear, coal, LNG, oil and pumped-storage hydro plantin multi-years.