Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

Volume 3652 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 493-495

An Effective Access Mechanism to Digital Interview Archives

  • Atsuhiro TakasuAffiliated withNational Institute of Informatics
  • , Kenro AiharaAffiliated withNational Institute of Informatics

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Skill and knowledge of master workmen and artists are important information for digital libraries. Usually disciples acquire the skill and knowledge by conversation with masters and watching the master’s works. Therefor they can be conveyed to limited number of disciples and they are sometimes lost when masters and artists pass away. A digital library for skill and knowledge plays an important role to preserve and convey them to large number of people. Since skill and knowledge inherent in masters and artists, first we need to externalize and represent them in an appropriate form.

Interview to masters and artists are effective way to record their skill and knowledge. It can record various kinds of information such as emotional behavior, procedure of creative activity as well as verbal information in conversation. Furthermore interview enables us to obtain the information from masters and artists without heavy mental load. This characteristics is effective not only for gathering information of the skill and knowledge of masters and artists but also for externalizing knowledge of human beings in many fields.