Fast and Robust Interface Generation for Ubiquitous Applications

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We present Supple, a novel toolkit which automatically generates interfaces for ubiquitous applications. Designers need only specify declarative models of the interface and desired hardware device and Supple uses decision-theoretic optimization to automatically generate a concrete rendering for that device. This paper provides an overview of our system and describes key extensions that barred the previous version (reported in [3]) from practical application. Specifically, we describe a functional modeling language capable of representing complex applications. We propose a new adaptation strategy, split interfaces, which speeds access to common interface features without disorienting the user. We present a customization facility that allows designers and end users to override Supple’s automatic rendering decisions. We describe a distributed architecture which enables computationally-impoverished devices to benefit from Supple interfaces. Finally, we present experiments and a preliminary user-study that demonstrate the practicality of our approach.