A Parametric Communication Model for the Verification of BPEL4WS Compositions

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In this paper we describe an approach for the verification of Web service compositions defined by a set of BPEL4WS processes. The key aspect of such a verification task is the model adopted for representing the communications among the services participating to the composition. Indeed, these communications are asynchronous and buffered in the existing execution frameworks, while most verification approaches adopt a synchronous communication model for efficiency reasons. In our approach, we model the asynchronous nature of Web service interactions without introducing buffers, by allowing a reordering of the messages exchanged during these interactions. This way, we can provide an accurate model of a wider class of service composition scenarios, while preserving an efficient performance in verification.

This work is partially funded by the MIUR-FIRB project RBNE0195K5, “Knowledge Level Automated Software Engineering”, and by the MIUR-PRIN 2004 project “Advanced Artificial Intelligence Systems for Web Services”.