Web Engineering

Volume 3579 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 19-29

Toward a Comprehension View of Web Engineering

  • Semia Sonia SelmiAffiliated withNational School of Computer Science, ENSI
  • , Naoufel KraiemAffiliated withNational School of Computer Science, ENSI
  • , Henda Ben GhezalaAffiliated withNational School of Computer Science, ENSI

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The paper is an attempt to explore some of the issues underlying Web applications development through the use of disciplined approaches. We first present the proposed Web engineering framework which suggests considering web engineering along four different views. Each view is capturing a particular relevant aspect of Web engineering. Motivations for developing the framework are three fold: (a) to help understand and clarify the Web engineering domain, (b) to guide in classifying and comparing both web applications and approaches and (c) to help researchers to identify new research axes. Next, we briefly present evaluation of 7 different Web-based approaches according to the Web engineering framework.