Combinatorial Pattern Matching

Volume 3537 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 266-279

Two Dimensional Parameterized Matching

  • Carmit HazayAffiliated withBar-Ilan University
  • , Moshe LewensteinAffiliated withBar-Ilan University
  • , Dekel TsurAffiliated withUniversity of California

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Two equal length strings, or two equal sized two dimensional texts, parameterize match (p-match) if there is a one-one mapping (relative to the alphabet) of their characters. Two dimensional parameterized matching is the task of finding all m × m substrings of an n× n text that p-match to an m× m pattern. This models, for example, searching for color images with changing of color maps. We present an algorithm that solves the two dimensional parameterized matching problem in O(n 2+m 2.5·polylog(m)) time.