Engineering of Stem Cells

Volume 114 of the series Advances in Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology pp 201-235


Large Scale Production of Stem Cells and Their Derivatives

  • Robert ZweigerdtAffiliated withInstitute of Medical Biology (IMB) Email author 

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Stem cells have been envisioned to become an unlimited cell source for regenerative medicine. Notably, the interest in stem cells lies beyond direct therapeutic applications. They might also provide a previously unavailable source of valuable human cell types for screening platforms, which might facilitate the development of more efficient and safer drugs. The heterogeneity of stem cell types as well as the numerous areas of application suggests that differential processes are mandatory for their in vitro culture. Many of the envisioned applications would require the production of a high number of stem cells and their derivatives in scalable, well-defined and potentially clinical compliant manner under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). In this review we provide an overview on recent strategies to develop bioprocesses for the expansion, differentiation and enrichment of stem cells and their progenies, presenting examples for adult and embryonic stem cells alike.


Bioreactor Cell therapy Differentiation Process development Stem cells Teratoma