Intelligent Agents VI. Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages

Volume 1757 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 277-289

Structuring BDI Agents in Functional Clusters

  • Paolo BusettaAffiliated withAgent Oriented Software Pty. Ltd.
  • , Nicholas HowdenAffiliated withAgent Oriented Software Pty. Ltd.
  • , Ralph RönnquistAffiliated withAgent Oriented Software Pty. Ltd.
  • , Andrew HodgsonAffiliated withAgent Oriented Software Pty. Ltd.

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The development of complex agents requires adequate conceptual and software tools that allow modular development and software reuse. We present a concept, called capability , which represents a cluster of components of a BDI agent. Capabilities encapsulate beliefs, events and plans while, at the same time, allowing global meta-level reasoning. Capabilities enable software reuse, and are well suited as building blocks for the development of multi-agent systems. We present an implementation of capabilities within the commercial Java-based multi-agent framework JACK Intelligent AgentsTM.