Stand-Off Detection of Suicide Bombers and Mobile Subjects

Part of the series NATO Security through Science Series pp 151-165

Stand-off Explosives Detection Using Terahertz Technology

  • Michael C. KempAffiliated withIconal Technology Ltd., St. John Innovation Centre
  • , Colin BakerAffiliated withTeraView Ltd
  • , Ian GregoryAffiliated withTeraView Ltd

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Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy has been shown to have the potential to use very low levels of this non-ionising radiation to detect and identify objects hidden under clothing at stand-off distances. In this paper we discuss some of the important factors involved in developing systems for the security industry, and describe our recent work on the development of a prototype terahertz stand-off detection system. Using this system we demonstrate the spectroscopic detection of concealed explosives at a stand-off distance of 1 m, both real time, in reflection, and under normal atmospheric conditions. We believe the technique has the potential for further development towards a practical system for the detection of suicide bombers and mobile subjects.