Hardware Specification, Verification and Synthesis: Mathematical Aspects

Volume 408 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 177-201


Totally verified systems: Linking verified software to verified hardware

  • Jeffrey J. JoyceAffiliated withUniversity of Cambridge

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We describe exploratory efforts to design and verify a compiler for a formally verified microprocessor as one aspect of the eventual goal of building totally verified systems. Together with a formal proof of correctness for the microprocessor, this yields a precise and rigorously established link between the semantics of the source language and the execution of compiled code by the fabricated microchip. We describe, in particular: (1) how the limitations of real hardware influenced this proof; and (2) how the general framework provided by higher-order logic was used to formalize the compiler correctness problem for a hierarchically structured language.


compiler correctness hardware verification machine-assisted theorem proving higher-order logic safety-critical systems