DP8 and DP9 have Extra-Enzymatic Roles in Cell Adhesion, Migration and Apoptosis

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5. Conclusions

The biological significance of the new DPIV family members DP8 and DP9 is unknown. In order to obtain correlations between cell behaviors and peptidase expression levels, DP8 and DP9 overexpression in transfected cells was quantified by expressing green fluorescent protein fusion proteins. We found that, like DPIV and FAP, cells overexpressing DP8 and DP9 exhibit behavioral changes in the presence of ECM components. We demonstrated that these effects were independent of enzyme activity, and of the RGD motif that occurs in DP9. This study is the first indication of some similarities as well as differences between DP8, DP9, DPIV and FAP in their cell biological roles.