Discovery and Query: Two Semantic Processes for Web Services

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In this paper, we focuses on two process phases of web services, namely the web services discovery and web service query. Web services discovery is to locate the appropriate service, and web service query is to search the service data during execution of web service. When an end-user wants to book a ticket, he will discover the web service first, and then query this service to determine whether it can provide the satisfiable ticket. So the two process phases should work together, not only to discover possible satisfiable service, but to find the real satisfiable service data. It’s a promising idea to adopt Semantic Web technology to implement the two processes. This paper first proposes the whole architecture for discovery and query, then gives four algorithms to discover web services and three algorithms to query web service based on the service data instance concept and similarity calculation. Accordingly, two frameworks separately for discovery and query are implemented. The result proves the approach of combination of two processes can really meet the personal requirements, so has certain application value.