Wireless Multimedia Network Technologies

Volume 524 of the series The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science pp 271-288

Wireless Channel Models-Coping with Complexity

  • An Mei Chen
  • , Ramesh R. Rao

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In this work we explore two techniques to capture the behavior of wireless channels with mathematically tractable models. The first technique involves state-space aggregation to reduce a large number of states of a Markov chain to a fewer number of states. The property of strong and weak lumpability is discussed. The second technique involves stochastic bounding. These techniques are applied to three different previously published wireless channel models: mobile VHF, wireless indoor, and Rayleigh fading channels. Results show that our stochastic bounding technique can produce simple yet useful upper bounds for the original channel model. We investigate the goodness of these bounds through the performance of higher-layer error control protocols such as stop-and-go and TCP.