Studies in German Idealism


The series Studies in German Idealism aims to publish studies of an historical-systematic nature on German Idealism, that is, the period of Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel and the Neo-Kantians. A new element of the series is that it takes the period of Idealism to include the Neo-Kantians.
The series anticipates the growing interest in the 'Golden Age' in the history of German philosophy among scholars and students. The series will serve as a complement to Springer's strong list in philosophy, as it complements the Archives internationales d'histoire des idées and the Phaenomenologica series.


Series Editor:
Reinier Munk,
VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Editorial Board:
Frederick C. Beiser, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University, USA; Daniel O. Dahlstrom, Dept. of Philosophy, Boston Unviersity, USAGeorge di Giovanni, Dept. of Philosophy, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Paul Guyer, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, USA; Detlev Pätzold, Universiteit van Groningen, The Netherlands; Andrea Poma, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Torino, Italy.

All books to be published in this Series will be fully peer-reviewed before final acceptance.