Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics


Driven by elaborate modern technological applications, the relationship between mathematics and mechanics is continually developing. The burgeoning number of specialized journals has generated an ever growing duality gap between the partners. Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics is a series intending to bridge the gap by providing a platform for the  publication of interdisciplinary content with rapid dissemination of  monographs, graduate texts, handbooks, and edited volumes, on the state-of-the-art research in the broad area of modern mechanics and applied mathematics. Topics with multi-disciplinary range, such as duality, complementarity and symmetry in mechanics, mathematics, and physics, are of particular interest.

Contributions are aptly reviewed to guarantee high scientific standards. Monographs place an emphasis on creativity, novelty,  and innovativeness in the field; handbooks and edited volumes provide comprehensive surveys of the state-of-the-art in particular subjects; graduate texts may feature a combination of exposition and computer/multimedia, downloadable from the web.

New to AMMA is the welcome addition of publications that focus on computational methods.  Topics can involve theory, algorithms, programming, coding, numerical simulation, error and uncertainty analysis and/or the novel application of computational techniques to problems throughout many scientific disciplines. Especially encouraged are expositions on mathematical and computational models and methods based on mechanics and their interactions with other fields.

The series is addressed to applied mathematicians, engineers, and scientists, including advanced students at universities and in industry, who are interested in mechanics and applied mathematics.