RIEAch Book Series

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ISSN: 1437-7446 (Print)


RIEAconcepts is a publication series edited by Lebbeus Woods, architect, theorist, critic and professor of architecture, who is considered by many the most visionary and radical architect of our time. His work has influenced not only generations of architecture students, but also the work of his peers. Lebbeus Woods co-founded RIEA (Research Institute for Experimental Architecture) in 1988 as a non-profit institution with the purpose of advancing experimentation and research in the field of architecture, in response to changing political, economic, technological, and cultural conditions in the contemporary world. In 1996 his partner, Ekkehard Rehfeld, founded RIEAeuropa as a non-profit organization in the European Union. REIHEN-USP: RIEAconcepts present innovative research and experimental projects initiated and implemented by both RIEA and individual architects. Their aim is to expose such work to a wide professional and lay public, in order to disseminate new ideas, establish constructive discourse, and encourage creative thinking and work in architecture and related fields.