Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series


Texts published in this series are intended mostly for the graduate level. Typically, an undergraduate background in computer science will be assumed. However, the background required varies from topic to topic, and some books are self-contained. The texts cover both modern and classical areas with an innovative approach that may give them additional value as monographs. Most books in this series have examples and exercises.

Series Editors: M. Henzinger, University of Vienna, Austria; J. Hromkovič, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; M. Nielsen, Aarhus University, Denmark; G. Rozenberg, University of Leiden, The Netherlands; A. Salomaa, Turku Centre for Computer Science, Finland

Advisory Board: S. Albers, H. Attiya, G. Ausiello, M. Broy, C. Calude, A. Condon, A. Czumaj, P. Degano, J. Diaz, P. Gastin, G. Gottlob, D. Harel, J. Hartmanis, R. Heckel, L.A. Hemaspaandra, T. Henzinger, M. Hermenegildo, B. Jonsson, J. Karhumäki, L. Kari, M. Koutny, D. Kozen, T. Leighton, H. Lin, G. Mauri, M. Nivat, D. Niwiński, C. Papadimitriou, D. Peleg, D. Sannella, U. Schöning, D. Scott, P.G. Spirakis, D. Wagner, E. Welzl, M. Wirsing

Founding Editors: W. Brauer, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa