Fungal Diversity Research Series


Fungi are some of the most important organisms on earth, with considerable industrial and ecological importance, and yet they are probably some of the most poorly studied groups. Springer’s Fungal Diversity Research Series which is a continuation of the series published by Fungal Diversity Press is committed to publishing high-quality compilations and books concerning various aspects of fungal biology including dedicated texts on groups of the fungal kingdom as well as on groups of organisms usually studied by mycologists. The series encourages contributions on basic and applied mycology, including monographs, ecology compilations, methodology compilations and edited books dealing with cutting edge research. The series is particularly interested in providing an outlet for important environmental topics in mycology such as effects of global warming on fungi and endangered species. Volumes published in the series will include both multidisciplinary studies with a broad range of coverage, as well as more focused in-depth analyses of a particular issues of mycology. By bringing these important organisms to the forefront in print in the Springer Fungal Diversity Research Series we aim to increase awareness of these essential organisms.