Activity Recognition in Pervasive Intelligent Environments


ISBN: 978-90-78677-42-0 (Print) 978-94-91216-05-3 (Online)

Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xv

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-31

    Activity Recognition: Approaches, Practices and Trends

  3. Chapter

    Pages 33-58

    A Possibilistic Approach for Activity Recognition in Smart Homes for Cognitive Assistance to Alzheimer’s Patients

  4. Chapter

    Pages 59-81

    Multi-User Activity Recognition in a Smart Home

  5. Chapter

    Pages 83-109

    Smart Environments and Activity Recognition: A Logic-based Approach

  6. Chapter

    Pages 111-125

    ElderCare: An Interactive TV-based Ambient Assisted Living Platform

  7. Chapter

    Pages 127-148

    An Ontology-Based Context-aware Approach for Behaviour Analysis

  8. Chapter

    Pages 149-164

    User’s Behavior Classification Model for Smart Houses Occupant Prediction

  9. Chapter

    Pages 165-186

    Human Activity Recognition from Wireless Sensor Network Data: Benchmark and Software

  10. Chapter

    Pages 187-208

    Smart Sweet Home… A Pervasive Environment for Sensing our Daily Activity?

  11. Chapter

    Pages 209-236

    Synthesising Generative Probabilistic Models for High-Level Activity Recognition

  12. Chapter

    Pages 237-263

    Ontology-Based Learning Framework for Activity Assistance in an Adaptive Smart Home

  13. Chapter

    Pages 265-290

    Benefits of Dynamically Reconfigurable Activity Recognition in Distributed Sensing Environments

  14. Chapter

    Pages 291-311

    Embedded Activity Monitoring Methods

  15. Chapter

    Pages 313-329

    Activity Recognition and Healthier Food Preparation