Volume 7 1998

Affinity Biosensors

Techniques and Protocols


ISBN: 978-0-89603-539-3 (Print) 978-1-59259-485-6 (Online)
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Table of contents (15 protocols)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Enzyme Biosensors

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Book Protocol

      Pages 3-18

      Principles of Affinity-Based Biosensors

    3. Book Protocol

      Pages 19-29

      Immunobiosensors Based on Thermistors

    4. Book Protocol

      Pages 31-53

      Affinity Biosensing Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Detection

    5. Book Protocol

      Pages 55-76

      Immunosensors Based on Piezoelectric Crystal Device

    6. Book Protocol

      Pages 77-87

      Immunobiosensors Based on Evanescent Wave Excitation

    7. Book Protocol

      Pages 89-98

      A galactose-specific affinity hollow fiber sensor based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer

    8. Book Protocol

      Pages 99-119

      Fiberoptic immunosensors with continuous analyte response

    9. Book Protocol

      Pages 121-134

      Immunobiosensors based on grating couplers

    10. Book Protocol

      Pages 135-146

      Receptor biosensors based on optical detection

  3. Biosensor-Related Techniques

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 147-147

    2. Book Protocol

      Pages 149-160

      lmmunobiosensors based on ion-selective electrodes

    3. Book Protocol

      Pages 161-171

      Biosensors based on DNA intercalation using light polarization

    4. Book Protocol

      Pages 173-185

      ISFET affinity sensor

    5. Book Protocol

      Pages 187-207

      Liposome-Based immunomigration assays

    6. Book Protocol

      Pages 209-222

      Isolated receptor biosensors based on bilayer lipid membranes

    7. Book Protocol

      Pages 223-238

      Eukaryotic cell biosensor The Cytosensor microphysiometer

  4. Back Matter

    Pages 239-249