Public Key Cryptography – PKC 2004

7th International Workshop on Theory and Practice in Public Key Cryptography, Singapore, March 1-4, 2004. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-21018-4 (Print) 978-3-540-24632-9 (Online)

Table of contents (32 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Book Chapter

    Pages 1-13

    A Generalized Wiener Attack on RSA

  3. Book Chapter

    Pages 14-27

    Cryptanalysis of a Public-Key Encryption Scheme Based on the Polynomial Reconstruction Problem

  4. Book Chapter

    Pages 28-40

    Faster Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves Combining Point Halving with the Frobenius Endomorphism

  5. Book Chapter

    Pages 41-54

    Application of Montgomery’s Trick to Scalar Multiplication for Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curves Using a Fixed Base Point

  6. Book Chapter

    Pages 55-68

    Fast Arithmetic on Jacobians of Picard Curves

  7. Book Chapter

    Pages 69-85

    Undeniable Signatures Based on Characters: How to Sign with One Bit

  8. Book Chapter

    Pages 86-100

    Efficient Extension of Standard Schnorr/RSA Signatures into Universal Designated-Verifier Signatures

  9. Book Chapter

    Pages 101-114

    Constructing Committed Signatures from Strong-RSA Assumption in the Standard Complexity Model

  10. Book Chapter

    Pages 115-129

    Constant Round Authenticated Group Key Agreement via Distributed Computation

  11. Book Chapter

    Pages 130-144

    Efficient ID-based Group Key Agreement with Bilinear Maps

  12. Book Chapter

    Pages 145-158

    New Security Results on Encrypted Key Exchange

  13. Book Chapter

    Pages 159-172

    New Results on the Hardness of Diffie-Hellman Bits

  14. Book Chapter

    Pages 173-186

    Short Exponent Diffie-Hellman Problems

  15. Book Chapter

    Pages 187-200

    Efficient Signcryption with Key Privacy from Gap Diffie-Hellman Groups

  16. Book Chapter

    Pages 201-217

    Algebraic Attacks over GF(2 k ), Application to HFE Challenge 2 and Sflash-v2

  17. Book Chapter

    Pages 218-230

    Secret Exponent Attacks on RSA-type Schemes with Moduli N=p r q

  18. Book Chapter

    Pages 231-247

    General Group Authentication Codes and Their Relation to “Unconditionally-Secure Signatures”

  19. Book Chapter

    Pages 248-261

    From Digital Signature to ID-based Identification/Signature

  20. Book Chapter

    Pages 262-276

    Identity-Based Threshold Decryption

  21. Book Chapter

    Pages 277-290

    An Efficient Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairings and Its Applications

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