Fast Software Encryption

18th International Workshop, FSE 2011, Lyngby, Denmark, February 13-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-642-21701-2 (Print) 978-3-642-21702-9 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Differential Cryptanalysis

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 1-17

      Differential Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced PRINTcipher: Computing Roots of Permutations

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 18-34

      Search for Related-Key Differential Characteristics in DES-Like Ciphers

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 35-54

      Multiple Differential Cryptanalysis: Theory and Practice

  3. Invited Talk

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 55-67

      Fast Correlation Attacks: Methods and Countermeasures

  4. Hash Functions I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 68-87

      Analysis of Reduced-SHAvite-3-256 v2

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 88-106

      An Improved Algebraic Attack on Hamsi-256

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 107-127

      Practical Near-Collisions and Collisions on Round-Reduced ECHO-256 Compression Function

    4. Security and Models

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 128-145

        On Cipher-Dependent Related-Key Attacks in the Ideal-Cipher Model

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 146-166

        On the Security of Hash Functions Employing Blockcipher Postprocessing

      Stream Ciphers

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 167-187

        Breaking Grain-128 with Dynamic Cube Attacks

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 188-198

        Cryptanalysis of the Knapsack Generator

      3. Book Chapter

        Pages 199-217

        Attack on Broadcast RC4 Revisited

  5. Hash Functions II

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 218-237

      Boomerang Attacks on BLAKE-32

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 238-251

      Practical Near-Collisions on the Compression Function of BMW

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 252-269

      Higher-Order Differential Properties of Keccak and Luffa

    4. Block Ciphers and Modes

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 270-289

        Cryptanalysis of PRESENT-Like Ciphers with Secret S-Boxes

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 290-305

        A Single-Key Attack on the Full GOST Block Cipher

      3. Book Chapter

        Pages 306-327

        The Software Performance of Authenticated-Encryption Modes

      Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis

      1. Book Chapter

        Pages 328-341

        Cryptanalysis of Hummingbird-1

      2. Book Chapter

        Pages 342-358

        The Additive Differential Probability of ARX

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