Fast Software Encryption

17th International Workshop, FSE 2010, Seoul, Korea, February 7-10, 2010, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-642-13857-7 (Print) 978-3-642-13858-4 (Online)

Table of contents (21 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Stream Ciphers and Block Ciphers

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 1-18

      Cryptanalysis of the DECT Standard Cipher

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 19-39

      Improving the Generalized Feistel

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 40-54

      Nonlinear Equivalence of Stream Ciphers

  3. RFID and Implementations

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 55-74

      Lightweight Privacy Preserving Authentication for RFID Using a Stream Cipher

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 75-93

      Fast Software AES Encryption

  4. Hash Functions I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 94-115

      Attacking the Knudsen-Preneel Compression Functions

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 116-133

      Finding Preimages of Tiger Up to 23 Steps

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 134-152

      Cryptanalysis of ESSENCE

  5. Theory

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 153-167

      Domain Extension for Enhanced Target Collision-Resistant Hash Functions

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 168-191

      Security Analysis of the Mode of JH Hash Function

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 192-211

      Enhanced Security Notions for Dedicated-Key Hash Functions: Definitions and Relationships

  6. Message Authentication Codes

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 212-229

      A Unified Method for Improving PRF Bounds for a Class of Blockcipher Based MACs

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 230-249

      How to Thwart Birthday Attacks against MACs via Small Randomness

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 250-269

      Constructing Rate-1 MACs from Related-Key Unpredictable Block Ciphers: PGV Model Revisited

  7. Hash Functions II

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 270-285

      Higher Order Differential Attack on Step-Reduced Variants of Luffa v1

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 286-303

      Rebound Attack on Reduced-Round Versions of JH

  8. Hash Functions III (Short Presentation)

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 304-317

      Pseudo-cryptanalysis of the Original Blue Midnight Wish

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 318-332

      Differential and Invertibility Properties of BLAKE

  9. Cryptanalysis

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 333-346

      Rotational Cryptanalysis of ARX

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 347-364

      Another Look at Complementation Properties

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