Book Volume 6110 2010

Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2010

29th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, French Riviera, May 30 – June 3, 2010. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-13189-9 (Print) 978-3-642-13190-5 (Online)

Table of contents (34 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Cryptosystems I

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-23

      On Ideal Lattices and Learning with Errors over Rings

    2. Chapter

      Pages 24-43

      Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers

    3. Chapter

      Pages 44-61

      Converting Pairing-Based Cryptosystems from Composite-Order Groups to Prime-Order Groups

    4. Chapter

      Pages 62-91

      Fully Secure Functional Encryption: Attribute-Based Encryption and (Hierarchical) Inner Product Encryption

  3. Obfuscation and Side Channel Security

    1. Chapter

      Pages 92-112

      Secure Obfuscation for Encrypted Signatures

    2. Chapter

      Pages 113-134

      Public-Key Encryption in the Bounded-Retrieval Model

    3. Chapter

      Pages 135-156

      Protecting Circuits from Leakage: the Computationally-Bounded and Noisy Cases

  4. 2-Party Protocols

    1. Chapter

      Pages 157-176

      Partial Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation

    2. Chapter

      Pages 177-196

      Secure Message Transmission with Small Public Discussion

    3. Chapter

      Pages 197-215

      On the Impossibility of Three-Move Blind Signature Schemes

    4. Chapter

      Pages 216-234

      Efficient Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution

  5. Cryptanalysis

    1. Chapter

      Pages 235-256

      New Generic Algorithms for Hard Knapsacks

    2. Chapter

      Pages 257-278

      Lattice Enumeration Using Extreme Pruning

    3. Chapter

      Pages 279-298

      Algebraic Cryptanalysis of McEliece Variants with Compact Keys

    4. Chapter

      Pages 299-319

      Key Recovery Attacks of Practical Complexity on AES-256 Variants with up to 10 Rounds

  6. IACR Distinguished Lecture

    1. Chapter

      Pages 320-321

      Cryptography between Wonderland and Underland

  7. Automated Tools and Formal Methods

    1. Chapter

      Pages 322-344

      Automatic Search for Related-Key Differential Characteristics in Byte-Oriented Block Ciphers: Application to AES, Camellia, Khazad and Others

    2. Chapter

      Pages 345-361

      Plaintext-Dependent Decryption: A Formal Security Treatment of SSH-CTR

    3. Chapter

      Pages 362-380

      Computational Soundness, Co-induction, and Encryption Cycles

  8. Models and Proofs

    1. Chapter

      Pages 381-402

      Encryption Schemes Secure against Chosen-Ciphertext Selective Opening Attacks

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