Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2008

28th Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 17-21, 2008. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-85173-8 (Print) 978-3-540-85174-5 (Online)

Table of contents (32 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Random Oracles

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 1-20

      The Random Oracle Model and the Ideal Cipher Model Are Equivalent

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 21-38

      Programmable Hash Functions and Their Applications

  3. Applications

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 39-56

      One-Time Programs

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 57-74

      Adaptive One-Way Functions and Applications

  4. Public-Key Crypto I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 75-92

      Bits Security of the Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman Secret Keys

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 93-107

      Improved Bounds on Security Reductions for Discrete Log Based Signatures

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 108-125

      Circular-Secure Encryption from Decision Diffie-Hellman

    4. Book Chapter

      Pages 126-143

      Public-Key Locally-Decodable Codes

  5. Hash Functions I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 144-161

      Key-Recovery Attacks on Universal Hash Function Based MAC Algorithms

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 162-178

      Cryptanalysis of the GOST Hash Function

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 179-202

      Preimages for Reduced SHA-0 and SHA-1

  6. Cryptanalysis I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 203-220

      On the Power of Power Analysis in the Real World: A Complete Break of the KeeLoq Code Hopping Scheme

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 221-240

      Bug Attacks

  7. Multiparty Computation I

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 241-261

      Scalable Multiparty Computation with Nearly Optimal Work and Resilience

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 262-279

      Cryptographic Complexity of Multi-Party Computation Problems: Classifications and Separations

  8. Cryptanalysis II

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 280-296

      Cryptanalysis of MinRank

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 297-316

      New State Recovery Attack on RC4

  9. Public-Key Crypto II

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 317-334

      Dynamic Threshold Public-Key Encryption

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 335-359

      On Notions of Security for Deterministic Encryption, and Efficient Constructions without Random Oracles

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 360-378

      Deterministic Encryption: Definitional Equivalences and Constructions without Random Oracles

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