Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory

The Stefan Samko Anniversary Volume


ISBN: 978-3-0348-0515-5 (Print) 978-3-0348-0516-2 (Online)

Table of contents (22 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-48

    Stefan G. Samko – Mathematician, Teacher and Man

  3. Chapter

    Pages 49-63

    The Role of S.G. Samko in the Establishing and Development of the Theory of Fractional Differential Equations and Related Integral Operators

  4. Chapter

    Pages 65-76

    Energy Flow Above the Threshold of Tunnel Effect

  5. Chapter

    Pages 77-89

    Some New Hardy-type Integral Inequalities on Cones of Monotone Functions

  6. Chapter

    Pages 91-99

    On a Boundary Value Problem for a Class of Generalized Analytic Functions

  7. Chapter

    Pages 101-122

    The Factorization Problem: Some Known Results and Open Questions

  8. Chapter

    Pages 123-137

    A Class of Sub-elliptic Equations on the Heisenberg Group and Related Interpolation Inequalities

  9. Chapter

    Pages 139-155

    New Types of Solutions of Non-linear Fractional Differential Equations

  10. Chapter

    Pages 157-173

    Stability, Structural Stability and Numerical Methods for Fractional Boundary Value Problems

  11. Chapter

    Pages 175-199

    On the Boundedness of the Fractional Maximal Operator, Riesz Potential and Their Commutators in Generalized Morrey Spaces

  12. Chapter

    Pages 201-214

    Existence of Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Singular Equations in Lorentz Spaces

  13. Chapter

    Pages 215-231

    Growth of Schrödingerian Subharmonic Functions Admitting Certain Lower Bounds

  14. Chapter

    Pages 233-251

    The Riemann and Dirichlet Problems with Data from the Grand Lebesgue Spaces

  15. Chapter

    Pages 253-268

    Overview of Fractional h-difference Operators

  16. Chapter

    Pages 269-289

    A Singularly Perturbed Dirichlet Problem for the Poisson Equation in a Periodically Perforated Domain. A Functional Analytic Approach

  17. Chapter

    Pages 291-301

    Fractional Variational Calculus of Variable Order

  18. Chapter

    Pages 303-321

    Improving Bounds for Singular Operators via Sharp Reverse Höolder Inequality for \( A_\infty \)

  19. Chapter

    Pages 323-347

    Potential Type Operators on Weighted Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces

  20. Chapter

    Pages 349-356

    A Note on Boundedness of Operators in Grand Grand Morrey Spaces

  21. Chapter

    Pages 357-370

    Operational Calculus for Bessel’s Fractional Equation

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