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Handbook Of Biological Confocal Microscopy


ISBN: 978-0-387-25921-5 (Print) 978-0-387-45524-2 (Online)

Table of contents (52 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxviii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-19

    Foundations of Confocal Scanned Imaging in Light Microscopy

  3. Chapter

    Pages 20-42

    Fundamental Limits in Confocal Microscopy

  4. Chapter

    Pages 43-58

    Special Optical Elements

  5. Chapter

    Pages 59-79

    Points, Pixels, and Gray Levels: Digitizing Image Data

  6. Chapter

    Pages 80-125

    Laser Sources for Confocal Microscopy

  7. Chapter

    Pages 126-144

    Non-Laser Light Sources for Three-Dimensional Microscopy

  8. Chapter

    Pages 145-161

    Objective Lenses for Confocal Microscopy

  9. Chapter

    Pages 162-206

    The Contrast Formation in Optical Microscopy

  10. Chapter

    Pages 207-220

    The Intermediate Optical System of Laser-Scanning Confocal Microscopes

  11. Chapter

    Pages 221-238

    Disk-Scanning Confocal Microscopy

  12. Chapter

    Pages 239-250

    Measuring the Real Point Spread Function of High Numerical Aperture Microscope Objective Lenses

  13. Chapter

    Pages 251-264

    Photon Detectors for Confocal Microscopy

  14. Chapter

    Pages 265-279

    Structured Illumination Methods

  15. Chapter

    Pages 280-315

    Visualization Systems for Multi-Dimensional Microscopy Images

  16. Chapter

    Pages 316-337

    Automated Three-Dimensional Image Analysis Methods for Confocal Microscopy

  17. Chapter

    Pages 338-352

    Fluorophores for Confocal Microscopy: Photophysics and Photochemistry

  18. Chapter

    Pages 353-367

    Practical Considerations in the Selection and Application of Fluorescent Probes

  19. Chapter

    Pages 368-380

    Guiding Principles of Specimen Preservation for Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy

  20. Chapter

    Pages 381-403

    Confocal Microscopy of Living Cells

  21. Chapter

    Pages 404-413

    Aberrations in Confocal and Multi-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy Induced by Refractive Index Mismatch

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