Book Volume 1008 1995

Fast Software Encryption

Second International Workshop Leuven, Belgium, December 14–16, 1994 Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-60590-4 (Print) 978-3-540-47809-6 (Online)

Table of contents (29 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

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  3. Chapter

    Pages 6-21

    Clock-controlled pseudorandom generators on finite groups

  4. Chapter

    Pages 22-28

    On random mappings and random permutations

  5. Chapter

    Pages 29-60

    Binary cyclotomic generators

  6. Chapter

    Pages 61-74

    Construction of bent functions and balanced Boolean functions with high nonlinearity

  7. Chapter

    Pages 75-85

    Additive and linear structures of cryptographic functions

  8. Chapter

    Pages 86-96

    The RC5 encryption algorithm

  9. Chapter

    Pages 97-110

    The MacGuffin block cipher algorithm

  10. Chapter

    Pages 111-130

    S-boxes and round functions with controllable linearity and differential uniformity

  11. Chapter

    Pages 131-136

    Properties of linear approximation tables

  12. Chapter

    Pages 137-143

    Searching for the optimum correlation attack

  13. Chapter

    Pages 144-153

    A known plaintext attack on the PKZIP stream cipher

  14. Chapter

    Pages 154-169

    Linear cryptanalysis of stream ciphers

  15. Chapter

    Pages 170-178

    Feedback with carry shift registers over finite fields

  16. Chapter

    Pages 179-195

    A free energy minimization framework for inference problems in modulo 2 arithmetic

  17. Chapter

    Pages 196-211

    Truncated and higher order differentials

  18. Chapter

    Pages 212-241

    SAFER K-64: One year later

  19. Chapter

    Pages 242-248

    Improved characteristics for differential cryptanalysis of hash functions based on block ciphers

  20. Chapter

    Pages 249-264

    Linear cryptanalysis using multiple approximations and FEAL

  21. Chapter

    Pages 265-274

    Problems with the linear cryptanalysis of DES using more than one active S-box per round

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